Safety Information

The safety and security of your child is a primary concern at Jump A Roos. As a result we adhere to the following guidelines to maximize your experience and minimize your worries:

  • Certified units with safety mats at all jump entrances and exits.
  • Well-lit play areas supervised by our trained staff.
  • Sanitized inflatable surfaces eliminating up to 99.9 percent of most common germs.
  • Lead free equipment. Recent studies show that inflatable units from rental facilities have a large amount of lead. Our units are Certified Lead Free, so there’s no worry!
  • Video monitoring and ID bracelets that tell us who is in our play centers (described below).
  • Designated play areas for kids 2-12 years-old, featuring jumps, slides and obstacle courses.
  • Designated area for infant-5 years featuring soft landing areas and visible sight lines to supervise the little ones.

Upon entry into Jump A Roos, each child and parent receives matching ID wrist bracelets to ensure children cannot leave without their parents. A Roo Keeper (staff member) will inspect the exiting customers’ ID bracelets on departure to prevent any unauthorized exiting of children from the facility.