How to invite guests to my party

How to Invite Guests to My Party

We frequently get asked “what is the best way to invite guests to my kid’s birthday party.” With the advent of email and Evites (Jump A Roos has a special contract with Evite) the ease and popularity of inviting guests via email makes this the most popular option. However, it does have its drawbacks, specifically these days all of our inboxes are flooded with emails. We are finding that many people simply do not check their emails nor notice an invitation. Further complicating the issue is that often the address book that the school gives out has an out-dated or infrequently used email. Here are other ideas and ways to invite families to your party at an indoor kids birthday party venue.

As a result, if you really want to increase your RSVPs, we recommend a multi-faceted strategy combing Emails, paper invites, social media apps and/or text messages. Believe it or not, the best results often come from the old-fashioned way of asking the teachers to stuff the cubbies of the entire class with your paper invitation. Most every parent checks their child’s backpack when they come home from school. Often class size or gender specific parties prevent this from being a reality and that’s where the other methods come in handy, especially in combination. Emails, as expressed above, are quick and efficient ways to invite guests. We recommend using a third party software such as Evite which will allow you to communicate with guests, will allow other guests to see who is coming and gives the opportunity to to follow up with automated messages to the entire group. The drawback is that it does not come specifically from you, but there is a way to combine the best of both worlds ~ social media and/or texting with a link to the Evite.

In addition to a basic text message, there are many great social media apps, such as Snap Chat, Groupme, WhatsApp that allow you to combine a group and send a message out to everyone. Because these are phone specific the open rate is nearly 100%, which will increase your participation and minimize the frustration of having to chase people for their RSVP. This way the group of invitees can share in the community of the party. After the birthday party, guests can share messages, videos and photos of the party and participate in the community and fun of the birthday party.

It is often burdensome to follow up with RSVPs and to make sure all guests arrive on time and do not bring unexpected guests (we will cover this in a future post). However, by combining different invitation strategies, automating the messaging and forming a community around your child’s birthday party, you are guaranteed to increase the RSVPs which will add to the fun and excitement before and after the special day.

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