We put the FUN in fundraising

Fundraisers are an essential source of funding for all types of organizations. Jump A Roos is a great fundraising venue. Everyone has fun, and your organization generates those much needed dollars, up to 50% of your group’s sales.

No matter what your organization’s goals and objectives are, Jump A Roos fundraisers can work for you. We do it all. Whether you’re a school, religious organization, youth group, PTA group, scout troop or sports team, a Jump A Roos Fundraiser will work for you.

Don’t spend your valuable weekends washing cars or sending your child door to door selling candy. Bring your whole family, your friends, schoolmates, and neighbors. Everyone has fun and your organization comes out ahead.

We also offer another innovative solution where all you have to do is send out an email to your school’s database.  Simply ask them to purchase a $25 store credit for only $15 and Jump A Roos donates $5 to YOUR ORGANIZATION for each purchase.  Families can also share this email to encourage greater participation.

Looking for a donation to a silent auction?  We’d love to help.  Please reach out to us and let us know the size of your organization and about how many people are attending the event and we will gladly help you out with an appropriate donation.

Call or email your nearest location to set up a fundraiser for your school:

Miami-Dade: 305.238.5867cutlerbay@jumparoos.com