What are age limits for play at Jump A Roos?

Only kids 12 years-old and younger are permitted to play on the equipment. We have a separate play area for toddlers 5 years-old and younger. For the safety of your kids, we do not allow anyone over 12 years-old to bounce or play at Jump A Roos.

Is there a time limit for my kids to play?

our kids can stay and play as long as they would like; however we do not allow re-entry.

Can we walk in and play anytime?

Yes, you can walk-in and bring your kids to play at any time, except for our Broward County location, we are closed Monday while school is in session.

Is Jump A Roos a drop off facility?

While we do offer special dates where families can pre-register for Shop and Drop and Movie Nights, Jump A Roos does not operate as a drop off facility. We require adult supervision at all times.

As an adult can I play in the Jump A Roos play areas?

For the safety of your kids, no one over 12 is permitted on any of the jumps, slides, and obstacle courses. You may assist kids 3 years-old and younger on the giant slide and in the toddler area, but you may not bounce or play on any other unit.

How do you provide a safe environment for my child?

Safety is a top priority. Safety measures include: single entry and exit, video monitoring, identification bracelets, well-trained staff, sanitized equipment, designated age-appropriate play areas.

Can I bring in outside food into Jump A Roos?

Except for allergies or dietary restrictions, outside food and drinks are not allowed. We offer a concession area with a large variety of delicious and fresh options.

Do you offer Group or Discount Rates?

We will accommodate group rates for schools, camps, daycare centers, sports teams, civic and religious organizations, home schools, mom’s playgroups or any group larger than 10. Please contact us in advance. We also offer family and group memberships providing discounts to admissions, concessions and parties.

Are socks required for play at Jump A Roos?

Yes, all kids are required to wear socks in the play areas. If you forget your socks, don’t worry, socks are available for purchase for $2 a pair.

How do you keep your equipment clean?

At a minimum, our equipment is cleaned twice daily and on an as-needed basis. No food or drink is allowed on the activities. Jump A Roos has committed to sanitizing all inflatable surfaces by Swisher. The service is intended to reduce exposure to germs and cross-contamination for all who visit and play at Jump A Roos, making it a much cleaner environment than rented inflatables, school/public playgrounds or daycare centers. Swisher applies an OSHA-approved, FDA-certified solution that is completely safe for human contact but that kills more than 99.9 percent of commonly encountered germs. The formulation has been engineered to deliver residual germ killing power for a minimum of seven days, ensuring that Jump A Roos effectively covered from one weekly service to the next. The application is performed after hours by expertly trained technicians.