What to Expect the Day of My Party

What to Expect the Day of My Party

Days of the birthday party are as exciting for the birthday child as they are stressful for the hosting parents. At our Miami based Jump A Roos, Indoor Inflatable Play & Party Center, we look to provide a hassle free party. We know that as a parent/party host that you want everything to go perfectly. There are a million things that will go right, but we always remember the little thing that goes wrong (even though our guests will never know). Hopefully this blog post will help you organize and prioritize for a successful and reduced-stress party.

The “day of the party” should actually start the day BEFORE the party. It is strongly recommended that you communicate with the birthday party center the week of your party, but definitely you should speak the day before. At that time you should finalize the today amount of guests. Further, the party team should work with you in putting together a catering menu for the attending adults. Guests at a party venue EXPECT some food. Many people will provide a feast for the guests while others will simply add on a pizza or two. A well-trained staff will provide consultation for feeding the adult guests.

Also, at this time you should review the decorations you are brining and what the party venue is providing. It is also highly recommended that you bring in the decorations a day in advance (not more, since even the best and most organized venues may misplace). When you drop off your decorations, make sure you go over what is in the bag so there is no confusion the day of the party. Further, we suggest that if you are having balloons in the party room that you have the venue to blow up the balloons for you. It may be slightly more pricey, but for $3 extra, the balloons are there, blown up and it saves you a stop the day of the party. Finally, we recommend that you order the birthday cake to be ready a DAY BEFORE the party. We see so many families who come late because their cake is not ready or they did not allocate enough time to pick up the cake. Have it ready a day earlier – it’ll still taste delicious!

Depending on the kids party venue, you should arrive no more than 30 minutes before your party starts. Please bear in mind that many venues host multiple parties in a room and they want to make sure everything is clean and prepped before you arrive. At arrival, the party host should review your food order and explain the activities of the day. Once you are escorted to your room, if there are any slight decoration changes, let your party host know immediately. At this point, do a final check to make sure you have a cake cutter, candles and a lighter. If you do not, let the party team know so they can provide it for you. Now you can relax, at Jump A Roos, the rest of the day will fall into place. Kids will play, food will come on time (at Jump A Roos we will serve the kids and then call them into the room), the mascot will visit, we will sign happy birthday, serve the cake and finalize the party.

At our birthday party venue, we allow the guests to stay as long as they’d like, but we do need to get the room ready for the next party. Toward the end of your party ask the party host if she can provide a space for you outside the room if you would like to spend more time. Once the final bill is presented, review it to make sure all discounts are applied, that the bill reflects the food delivered and adjustments to the amount of children have been accounted for. If the team did a great job, make sure to tip the party host, tell your friends about the party and review on Google + or Yelp.