When is the Best Time to Have My Party?

When is the Best Time to Have My Party?

One of the most popular questions Jump A Roos gets asked is a version of “How busy is it going to be then?” Believe it or not, this is a loaded question and every inquirer is looking for different information. Some birthday party hosts prefer a “private” type of party when the store is slow, while others enjoy the active environment of a busy store with an interactive staff. When asking this question as a host it is important to convey to the birthday party booker the information you hope to learn.

At our Miami based kids birthday party venue we offer parties 7 days a week at various times throughout the day. During the weekends, our times are set and cannot be changed. During the week, when we are less busy, we offer much more flexibility and will do our best to accommodate the guests to give them the EXACT time they’d like. Because the party volume is lower during the week, we offer preferential pricing ~ $100 OFF our regular price as a further incentive. Weekday parties work out great for many guests. The store is less crowded, so there is more of a “private” party feel. The atmosphere is usually limited to your guests and a handful of other customers. The drawbacks are that there is not the same “energy” that a more crowded play center has and staffing is more limited. Additionally, it is often difficult to get full attendance at weekday parties. With so many school activities, homework and dual income families, it is challenging to have all the intended guests participating. To alleviate these challenges, Jump A Roos decided to include Friday birthday parties as weekday pricing (most other venues include Friday as the weekend and do NOT offer a discounted price) and we have seen great activity during Friday nights. Another recommendation is to set the party time close to 6pm. Any earlier makes it difficult for attendees to make it on time and since we close at 9pm, any later start time limits your time at the facility after the party concludes.

We see most of our birthday party volume on the weekends. For those looking for a less busy time, we always recommend being the first party of the day. This has several benefits. The first is that there are less people at our location. The second benefit is that there are no other parties BEFORE yours, so your decorations can be left overnight and the room can be ready before you arrive. As the day goes on, all party venues get busier. The most volume in our store is typically between 2-5pm. This is when parties are ending and other parties are beginning. Another nice option for families is an early Saturday night party. Most day activities (sports, volunteer) are over on Saturdays by 5pm so your guests can enjoy a nice evening at Jump A Roos with conflict. Sunday mornings tend to be another good time to have a party. We open up at 10am. Families that attend a later church session or not at all have found great benefit to having an early Sunday party. Another piece of advice is to remember is that most venues close at 6pm, so a 3:30pm party brings you up to the very end of the business day.

There is no better or worse time to have a party. We are busy there is a great energy of fun in the store and we are fully staffed with our team interacting, playing and keeping the kids safe. During slower times you have a more private feel, but there is less staff and less activity. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and what you are looking for in a kids birthday party!

Thank you for finding Jump A Roos, Inflatable Play & Party Center’s blog about kids birthday parties and please make sure to visit us soon at our Miami-Dade location, located in Cutler Bay’s Southland Mall.